Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week Of May 6th 2008

  • Music critics and aficionados agree, Neil Diamond is a gem. The rock solid sexagenarian songwriter has just released his highly anticipated album entitled Home Before Dark. Produced by the legendary Rick Rubin and backed by Superwolf’s guitar superhero, Matt Sweeney, the talented troubadour has composed more thoughtful, sweet songs that are guaranteed to make his groupies swoon. This album is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Especially if her name is Caroline.
  • Clay Aiken’s fourth record also comes out today and perhaps he’ll follow its lead. In his single, The Real Me, he teases his fans with lyrics like, “Do I let it show, does anybody know?” The answer is YES!
  • Last, but certainly not least, Elvis Costello, the stylish sonic pioneer that still makes us pine, has released Momofuku. Costello’s cute record title is also a delicious noodle bar in New York, but translated from Japanese, it means “sweet peach.” Only released on vinyl and mp3’s, download this album full of juicy bytes!