Kate Moss Will Wear Agent Provacateur On Her Wedding Night

Kate Moss is the face of Agent Provocateur’s bridal line, and the company has been releasing “artsy” video shorts over the past few days to go along with the print ads. In the first, harp music plays while Kate wears the “Sophie” babydoll near a wind machine. Hearts are everywhere, and it feels like a strange dream. Men would probably find it very alluring. After the jump, see a few designs from Agent Provacateur’s wedding collection. Our favorite is the “Kate” corset, but of course.

“Kate” corset, $335; “Lacy Frenchy” negligee (EEK!), $250; “Sophie” babydoll, $250
And, if you’re not at work, check out this strange contraption (I’m talking about the bra, not the undies).
[Agent Provocateur and SHOWstudio]