Maybe NO ONE Dies In The Sex And The City Movie!

The New York Times did an interview with Sex And The City Executive Producer, Michael Patrick King, who seemed to pooh-pooh rumors (started by one of the movies’ stars, Cynthia Nixon) that a character dies in the soon-to-be released movie. “Someone’s going to die,” he said, “Like that’s what I’m going to do.” However, King insisted on not having Carrie and Big’s parents involved with the wedding that is at the center of the film, because, “My idea always was that these women were purely creations of New York.The prototype of the series is that these are four grown-ups who make a family of one another.”
“Who was going to play Carrie’s mother?” King continued. “Connie Stevens? It’s such a traditional sitcom limb. It’s the Thanksgiving episode, and there are Wilford Brimley and Elaine Stritch. I never wanted to do anything like that.” But we love Elaine Stritch! [NY Times]


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