Female Fighting Increases In The U.K.

Have you ever gotten into a fight? Amelia says she has “unfortunately” never been in one, and I haven’t either. Well, except for a couple with my sisters, but that doesn’t count because they’re family. Young people these days, however, are a little more rambunctious than we were in our teenage years. According to statistics from the Youth Justice Board in the U.K., the number of violent offenses committed by girls from 10 to 17 years old has nearly doubled in three years. For the most part, it seems that drugs and drinking are the cause of these fights. The girls generally use their fists to fight one another, but some fights have featured bottles, knives, and pieces of wood. “I’ve beaten a boy up with a stiletto high heel and left him unconscious,” one 17 year old told the BBC. Yikes. I wonder if that ruined her shoe. [BBC]