Sexual Assault Is No Laughing Matter

English “comedian” Johnny Vegas isn’t talented, but he is up to some serious funny business. Last Friday night, at one of his shows in London, after admitting he “had no material, and that he was there mostly to get laid,” Vegas allegedly singled out a teenage girl half his age in the audience. According to Maureen O’Hara’s Guardian U.K. article. despite the 18-year old’s trepidation, six members of the audience supposedly carried her on stage. O’Hara’s says that Vegas made the girl pretend to be dead so she would lie still, but she couldn’t stop giggling from nerves. O’Hara says that anytime the girl moved, Vegas lifted her skirt up and when she finally was silent, he started stroking her breast and saying “don’t f***ing move.” If this story is true, we can only imagine what was going through her head as he proceeded to finger her in front of a live audience — none of whom allegedly tried to stop him. Sadly, most were even laughing as his friend Simon covered his continued sexual assault using a coat as a makeshift curtain. One can only hope he’ll get what he deserves — a long stay in prison with a very pissed off roommate. [Guardian U.K. via Feministing]