If You’re Old And Single, You Should Go Online

Japan’s 65 and older population is expected to double by 2050, and the number of them who are single is also increasing. Luckily, old people are getting more familiar with something called the internet, and in Japan, a cultural change has happened, and older people can talk about being sexual, which means they need to find people to be sexual with them. In short, they are starting to online date — about 9 percent of Match.com members in Japan are 50 and over.Some adults, however, aren’t quite comfortable telling their friends and family about their online dating. “I haven’t told my children because I think it’s best to meet someone naturally,” said Match.com member Naomi, 52. “That may be an old-fashioned way of thinking, but the image of dating sites isn’t very good.”

The negative stigma associated with online dating is generational, for sure. None of my friends judge me for online dating, though some have said how “brave” I am, which I think is quite funny. Do they think I’m brave because I’m having drinks with guys I don’t know and therefore might be serial killers? [Reuters]