Friday Quickies!

  • The tenth way of identifying a tranny? Her big hands. [Asylum]
  • Us Weekly teaches you how to starve yourself just like a celeb! [Jezebel]
  • If you’re not going to be able to eat at Beijing’s penis restaurant any time soon, drool (or vomit) over some photos of its dishes. [Spiegel]
  • Seven reasons why one woman is becoming a polygamist. [Divine Caroline]
  • What does “I have trust issues” mean, anyway? [Dame Magazine]
  • Beaver-shaped whisk or spanking tool — you decide. [Daily Bedpost]
  • Interviewing for a job and speed dating are very, very similar. [Tango]
  • It totally sucks when your BFF flirts with your crush. It would be worse if they ended up getting married and you still had a crush on him. [DearSugar]