The Daily Squeeze: Smart Women, Prom Trouble, And Sex Addiction

  • In a survey of 2,000 German women, 62 percent of those who had completed their education said they often had problems achieving orgasms, while only 38 percent of women with lower educational qualifications had this problem. Apparently being smart, or at least being really into school, is a sexual liability. [The Sun, U.K.]
  • Sex addiction may or may not be a real addiction. Some say it’s a process addiction, like gambling, while others say it’s just a matter of some people getting in trouble for their sex drives. [BBC]
  • Getting your friends to moon the crowd at a high school lacrosse game with “Will you go to the prom with me? Yes or no?” written on their butts is not romantic or school-appropriate at one Michigan school. After a senior had 13 of his friends do that, all of them were suspended from school for a day and from an undetermined number of lacrosse games, as well as required to perform 20 hours of community service. In case you’re wondering, she said yes. [AP]
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