He Says/She Says: Santogold’s “L.E.S. Artistes”

This week, Jon and I wanted to listen to Scarlett Johansson’s cover of Tom Waits’ “Falling Down.” He would make comments about ScarJo’s hotness. I would make comments about how she sounds like a man. It was going to be great. But Jon must download a lot of porn on his computer or something, because he couldn’t even get the video to load. Instead, we listened to Santogold, who we both adore.

Catherine: This is scary.
Jon: Some kind of Ichabod Crane look going here. She looks like a cult leader.C: Santogold looks powerful, but those two girls look like they have tics. What’s going on? Ewww…
J: Looks like Children of Men.
C: It reminds me of a Skittles commercial. A sick, sick Skittles commercial.
J: Ever seen those cool Sony ads where they shoot powerballs out of a cannon down a San Francisco street or explode paint cans on buildings? This is what happens when you watch those while on LSD.
C: You would know?
J: No, but I’m intrigued by LSD. Now, does Santogold come up with the idea for a video like this? Or does the director say, “Listen, Santo, I’ve got an idea. So you’re on a horse. And there are these twitchy women…”
C: I bet she influenced the decision. Why is one side of her hair longer than the other?I want to give her a haircut.
J: It’s Santogold. It’s not for you to question or understand.
C: Whatever she’s saying, it sounds empowering.
J: I get that gist, too. I think that Santogold just existing is empowering to women. She’s pretty bad ass.
C: I like her song about being a lady.
J: “I’m a Lady.” It’s good, but I’m partial to “Lights Out.” Maybe I’m just afraid to tap into my inner lady-ness.
C: Just put on a dress and you’ll like the song more. What do you think about this song?
J: Great song, freaky video, kinda makes me want sausage and Kool-Aid. Do you feel stronger and yet more feminine?
C: I do. I think I might walk right out of the office and buy some Skittles.
J: That’s empowering AND lady-like!
C: Maybe I’ll put on heels, who knows.
J: But if you do, you’re doing it for yourself.
C: Duh.

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