Celebrity Crushes: Didn’t EVERYONE Have One?

Apparently not. Yesterday, Simcha and I were comparing notes on our first celebrity crushes — my first serious one was Wil Wheaton from Star Trek: The Next Generation (waving my nerd flag!), while Simcha was hot for The Count from Sesame Street. Even now, Simcha says she still goes for guys who seem a little like vampires, whereas Wil was my first and last dork crush after he replied to my loving fan letter with a generic postcard of himself decked out in Batman memorabilia (hat, shirt, buttons on his light jean jacket, the works). But up until that point I was convinced we were destined for each other. Talking about all of this with Simcha made me want to find out who Emily and Catherine’s crushes were when they were boy crazy tweens. Unfortunately, both of them said they never crushed on celebrities. Catherine said she tried to muster up a crush on Jonathan Taylor-Thomas from Home Improvement, because her friends were all obsessed with him. But it wasn’t sincere. She said she was too busy being creative at her arts elementary school to think about boys, especially boys that weren’t “realistic”. Emily, on the other hand, kind of had girl crushes on movie weirdos like Christina Ricci and Fairuza Balk from The Craft, but that was more about the girls being cool, not, like, girlfriend-material.

So what’s the deal? Are Simcha and I are alone in our idle daydreaming about romantic adventures with unattainable men like The Count and Wesley Crusher from Star Trek? Or did you all have celebrity crushes too?