Scarlett Johansson Churns Out Her First Single

Catherine and I disagree on very few things — the musical talent of The Counting Crows, meat, this song, and perhaps the notion of Scarlett Johansson fancying herself a popstar all together. This is the video for the first single off Scarlett’s upcoming album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, in which most of the songs are Tom Waits covers. I love Tom Waits so I should hate this whole stupid idea. But I don’t. I think Scarlett has a pretty, sexy, and kind of haunting voice and I don’t think she’s trying to do anything other than sing songs written by her favorite artist. In other words, she’s not impersonating him, which would be hard anyway, because in order to do that she would need 30 years of smoking Marlboro Reds and drinking whiskey. That said, I like this first effort and the video.

Catherine thinks it’s meh. She was going to do the “He Says/She Says” about it, but when her partner in crime, Jon, couldn’t get the vid to work on his computer, she went with another choice and I seized the opportunity to put it up with a little praise. But to be fair, Catherine got her say. So once again, that would be, “Meh.”

What do you all think? Should Scarlett stick to acting or do you like what you hear?