Pregnant Women Love Getting Pampered

With massages, special yoga sessions, and concierge services available to them, being a pregnant lady in this day and age doesn’t seem like it would be that bad. And mothers-to-be are catching on that it’s wise to pamper yourself while you’re pregnant, because once you give birth, there will be no pampering, only sleepless nights. Nearly 60 percent of couples surveyed said they went on a “babymoon” before becoming parents, according to a 2005 online poll sponsored by Liberty Travel and, and some food-delivery services bring fresh meals to pregnant women’s doorsteps to ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need without having to weave a cart through a crowded grocery store. However, none of this pre-baby pampering seems to help once the baby comes out: “The arrival of a baby is a shock to anyone’s system, regardless of the amount of pampering they engaged in pre-baby,” psychologist Deborah Roth Ledley said. [CNN]