If You Miss Fraternity Parties, Go Back To College

Some young man wrote Debonair Magazine about graduating from college and not being able to get any ladies in the real world.

I have been out of school for about 18 months now and I’m missing the fraternity party days and how it easy was to hook up with a girl. How do you recommend picking up a girl in a bar? I feel that women that go out often are all so full of themselves, only want a free drink, and just don`t respond to anyone unless they`re great looking. — Disgruntled

Some of the advice given is as abominable as the “problem.” After the jump is the worst of it.

Don’t Be Too Eager
Bad idea. Women know that the only reason you went out tonight is because you haven`t gotten laid in months. Desperation is a stinky cologne.

Gently Insult Her Ego
When people go out, especially women, they are using their sex appeal to get noticed. Most guys are fast to compliment a woman because they want to get laid. Nevertheless, if you’re the guy in the group who stands back, and isn’t aggressive, maybe you’ll come off a little distant. And that’s how you`re going to play with her ego a little bit.

“How come he doesn’t want me?” “Why isn’t he approaching me?” This is going to make her want you more. This isn’t fool proof, and if you never introduce yourself, you are guaranteed to fail — but never underestimate playing into women’s insecurities. All humans have very similar emotions, no one likes rejection and everyone likes attention.

I am completely against playing games to get what you want from members of the opposite sex. If we all just acted the way we naturally want to act, people would do much better for themselves, whether they want a relationship or a one night stand. It’s okay for guys to act interested. Otherwise, if a guy’s not picking up what I’m putting out, well, I’m leaving, and he’ll be stuck going home to a bottle of Jergens. Also, who wants their ego insulted? What is this, reverse psychology? Totally lame. [Debonair Magazine]