Bridesmen Are The New Bridesmaids

If you think the premise of the movie Made of Honor (bride’s best friend is a guy, and bride asks him to be her maid of honor) is a bunch of hooey, you thought wrong. Non-traditional wedding traditions, including asking a guy to be the man of honor, are becoming more common, according to senior editor Christa Vagnozzi. In a poll by the website, 63 percent of brides said they’d ask their best friend to be a bridesman/man of honor if that person were a guy. This creates an added dilemma, however. What does a bridesman wear? Certainly not a chartreuse silk dress. “When it comes to what to wear, a bridesman should wear a tie, pocket kerchief, and boutonniere to match the bridesmaid dresses and bouquets,” fashion expert Mara Urshel said. “As for the groomswoman, it’s best if she wears the same color as the bridesmaids, but not the same dress nor the same flowers.” This seems a bit confusing to me. I realize that the bridesmaids are supposed to be there to support the bride, and the groomsmen are supposed to be friends of the groom, but why can’t a male friend of the bride be a groomsmen? If she’s that close to this friend, it seems like the groom would also be pretty friendly with him. This male friend of the bride could stand with all of the other men, instead of sheepishly wondering what to do with his hands since he doesn’t have a bouquet like all the other bridespeople. [Centre Daily News]

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