The Daily Squeeze: Humans Almost Disappeared, Another HPV Warning, And Pregnancy Cravings

  • A new gene study supports the theory that humans nearly went extinct 150,000 years ago, when the species was down to just 2,000 people. That’s the same number of people who participated in Birmingham Mail’s fun run this weekend. [AHN, Birmingham Mail]
  • HPV could have a role as a co-carcinogen, meaning the virus’ presence might increase the risk of lung cancer for smokers. [ABC News]
  • Pregnancy cravings are more common among women today than they were five decades ago. Three-quarters of those surveyed said they experience a craving, whereas 50 years ago, 30 percent had experienced them. This might be because food is more readily available, and asking your husband to get you a piece of pizza from New York when you live in Chicago isn’t entirely impossible. [BBC]