Princess Propaganda Giving Us The Runs

Last night I was watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians — in the episode, Khloe and Kourtney got pissed at Kim because she was buying a Bentley and acting like a big princess. Their retort was that Kim may be a princess, but that they, Kim and Kourtney, are queens. Ooh, snap, right? Then this morning we got this annoying press release in our email for a book called Princess Bubble, which seeks to show girls that being a princess in modern times does not mean being a damsel in distress, but rather “traveling the world, helping others, and finding ‘happily ever after’ even before she finds her Prince!” May we be the first to say BARF? Seriously, so over this women as princesses and queens nonsense. What happened to being a person? This isn’t progressive, even if the effing princess is “single and proud of it!” A Princess is still an a-hole in a poofy skirt, acting like she’s God’s gift to the universe. It’s still a horrible gender stereotype. Why aren’t there any books targeted at boys telling them how to be amazing princes? Because princes are worthless, that’s why. So can we please cut the Princess in Fairy Tale Land crap? Thanks! []