Throw A Green Party

Tuesday was Earth Day, but now that the weekend is here, you can actually celebrate. Here are a few (pretty obvious) tips to help you get your green on.

Everyone looks better when the lights are way down low. The Sun Jar captures energy throughout the day so you’ll have five hours of its glowing radiance at night. [Elsewares]

Instead of buying gazillions of six packs, get a growler of beer. Many brewpubs and breweries around the country offer them, and all you do is pay for the beer and a deposit on the growler, drink up, then bring back the growler and have them refill it. Repeat as needed. [KegWorks]

Use plates that won’t end up in a landfill for years and years. You’ll have to wash them, but I recommend recruiting one of your guests to help. If you really want to eliminate waste, buy some of — they’re made from 91% recycled glass. [Kate’s Caring Gifts]

Stop using paper napkins and your friends will think you’re fancy. And you’d really be saving energy if you made some sort of food that didn’t require you to use the oven. [Branch]