We See Chick Flicks: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Starring Jason Segel, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell
Okay, ladies this is a very special addition of “We See Chick Flicks”. Both because I loved, loved, loved this movie and for the PENIS factor. Yup, you’ve probably heard about it, and maybe some of you have already seen it, but this movie is very, how shall I put it, frontally loaded. And we’re not talking a little peek, we’re talking the WHOLE pecker (and might we add, the 6-foot-something actor shows his…height). We’re talking full view, slightly hard schlong. Most movies who deign to show the whole male form, wimp out with a little glimpse of the turtle head, but Jason worked hard (pun intended) to show us his full potential. While getting fully hard would have warranted an X-rating, he got right up to that point, a point which we will refer to as “getting long” [Meaty! — Editor], and let me tell you, he’s got nothing to be ashamed of. Now. Moving on. The Lowdown: Written by Apatow-staple and Freaks and Geeks alum Jason Segel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall begins with an excited Peter Bretter (Segel) eagerly awaiting the return of his actress girlfriend Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). In anticipation of their “steamy reunion,” he removes his clothes, and is ready to get busy. Little does he know, he is actually about to get dumped. Now, this is a very funny premise for a movie, getting broken up with while naked, but it’s even funnier (and slightly sadder) when you know that it actually happened to the actor in real life (rumors are it was with Freaks costar Linda Cardellini). Though in real life he got dressed halfway through the breakup, a fact that the moviemakers thought was too depressing to include. The rest of the film is pretty formulaic. Peter is devastated, so he goes on a vacation to Hawaii in an effort to forget about her; instead he ends up vacationing with her and the priceless British rocker she left him for. And hilarity ensues. Of course he meets someone to distract him, Rachel (Mila Kunis), the hotel hostess who is gorgeous, easy-going, and of course perfect for Peter, and with a few stumbles here and there, life goes on. Though, however obvious the plot may seem, the execution is fresh and funny, and has heart—without getting cheesy. It’s refreshingly different from other Apatow hits like Knocked Up and Superbad in that it doesn’t rely on the gross out factor for laughs, and everyone will leave with a little more love and respect for Jason Segel. The usual Apatow suspects make cameos: Jonah Hill as a slightly homosexual hotel worker, and Paul Rudd as the stoned surf pro. But two people really steal the show, and that’s Russell Brand, who plays Aldous Snow, the ridiculous, sensitive, and sexually motivated rocker Sarah left Peter for, and Kenneth from 30 Rock, aka Jack McBrayer, who plays a pious virgin having trouble with sex while on his honeymoon.
The Verdict: Take your man, take your best friend, just don’t take your mom, as looking at penises with parents is always awkward. This is one of those unique romantic comedies that’s appealing to both men and women. Everyone will love this movie, because it is uniquely human and real, but also hysterical. I saw it by myself and was guffawing to no one in particular in my solo chair (you know, the one that has its own row), and I’d do it again!