The Daily Squeeze: Jennifer Lopez On Reality TV, Norman Mailer’s Mistress, Cuddling Babies, And More

  • Jennifer Lopez plans to join the ranks of Jessica Simpson, Britney, Carmen Electra, and the Lohan family with a reality show. The show, on TLC, will document her trying to balance her career and motherhood. Will this be with or without the help of five nannies, an assistant, and a hair and makeup team? []
  • Carole Mallory, Norman Mailer’s longtime mistress, sold some papers to Harvard University, including her unpublished memoir. Norman apparently gave her writing lessons, and her story includes a 20-page sex scene with him. [AP]
  • Cuddling up against their mother’s skin may help premature babies recover more quickly from the pain of getting poked with needles and such. In the study, published in Biomed Central Pediatrics, cuddled babies recovered from pain in about a minute and a half, while it took incubator babies took more than three minutes. [Reuters]
  • Daniel Radcliffe told the Sydney Daily Telegraph that he had met a local girl while in Australia for an awards show. The paper tracked down a girl, who said she was willing to meet the actor. Unfortunately, Daniel was kidding. You so funny, Harry! [AHN]