The Daily Squeeze: No Male Mollys, Hillary’s Women, And James Marsden’s Shyness

  • There are no male Amazon Molly fish. The females reproduce by hooking up with males of other species, though none of their sperms seems to be used, and offspring inherit only their mother’s genes. Scientists are baffled. []
  • In yesterday’s primary, Hillary Clinton carried 54 percent of female voters, according to CNN. [Women’s eNews]
  • James Marsden isn’t into doing love scenes. “I already feel like the crew are judging me, so imagine doing a sex scene. They’d be thinking: “Ooh, is that how he does it in real life?’ Awful! I don’t know how I’d react if I was offered a part with a sex scene. My wife would tell me to do it, though. She wants people to see that I’m sexy.” [IMDb]