The Pitfalls: Sittin’ Bitch

Being in a secure, drama-free relationship has its perks: you don’t really have to shave your legs in winter unless you feel like it; sex is always at the ready, if you want it; and there’s always someone to call on for backup if your Tivo is acting up and you just have to record Gossip Girl. But being part of a “we” has its downsides, usually things you take for granted as a singleton. Take, for example, the seemingly unspoken couple rule that says when traveling with a boyfriend, the girlfriend will always — unless blessed by a relatively empty plane that guarantees a full row — be sitting bitch. Damn, perhaps that’s where that phrase came from…until now, women haven’t made a fuss about always being relegated to the loathsome middle seat on an airplane, but really there’s no reason why alternating isn’t a fair solution for both parties. Sure, many times men do take up more mass, but it’s not like most men have the lanky legs (or boulder size balls) of the Jolly Green Giant. The rule is less about physics and more about guys assuming they should get the “better” seat as the “dominant”, gag, sex. Truly, if anyone should get the aisle seat all the time, it’s the chick. Everyone knows women have smaller bladders and need easy access to the restroom.