The Daily Squeeze: Testosterone And Hair Growth, Adult Entertainment, And Traditional Clothes

  • When premenopausal women sprayed testosterone on their stomachs as part of a study, they didn’t become hyper-sexual beasts. Some had slightly better sex lives, however unwanted hair growth where they sprayed the stuff was pretty common. The search for the female Viagra continues… [NY Times]
  • An internal memo at Deutsche Bank told employees that the company “does not approve of any adult entertainments and such expenditures will not be reimbursed.” Whatever will execs do when they’re alone in a hotel room on a business trip? []
  • Dressing in their culture’s traditional clothing may help teenage girls fare better mentally and emotionally than their peers who try to assimilate, a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health suggests. The girls who preferred traditional clothing were less likely to have mental problems. The opposite was true of boys. [Reuters]