Do It Better (For The Environment)

Today is Earth Day, so we asked the ladies at Babeland how to have a sex life that will make you and the planet happy.

  • Use rechargeable toys. The days of AA batteries are over. Rechargeable toys are at full capacity in an hour or two and can last for two to four hours of use. If you do use batteries, recycle them. (Babeland will even recycle them for you, just bring the batteries to one their stores.)
  • Know what’s in your sex toy. Phthalates are plasticizing chemicals used in PVC and soft plastic sex toys. Studies have shown that phthalates possibly have harmful effects, and products made with phthalates are banned in many European countries, although not in the US. Stick to sex toys made from silicone, glass, stainless steel and wood.
  • Choose organic lotions, oils and lubes made from natural ingredients. Naked Lube is organic, vegan, free of parabens and petro-chemicals, not tested on animals, and as good for your body as it is for your sex life.
  • Turn off the lights! Save electricity by lighting the room with a soy wax candle instead.