The Nookie Know-It-All: His Pleasure Zoneage!

“What are some hot spots on guys’ bodies?” — Hand Me A Map, Athens, GA

I don’t know if you know this, but an area called “the penis” is a definite hot spot on a guy. Usually licking, stroking, or inserting this area makes the guy go CRAZY.
Aside from that, there are a few other key areas on the male physique… 1) Stomach: Kissing the stomach before you go down on a guy can be a major turn on. It might just be because he knows you’re about to touch his penis, but kissing and licking this area generally works.
2) Neck: Something about kissing a guy’s neck during foreplay makes you both feel like you’re back in high school again. This sensual erogenous zone is a great spot to pay attention to before you start the heavy petting.
3) Nipples: If you’re like me and have a tendency to “pinch”, stay away from this area. But if you can manage to control yourself long enough to throw in some sucking action, guys tend to get turned on by this.
If all else fails, a good shoulder massage always does the trick. It makes him forget about his day at work, and get him in the mood to start working on you.

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A Note On Playing It Safe: The Frisky thinks safe sex is smart sex – so please practice it in the way that’s right for your relationship.