How To Treat People, Regardless Of Sex

Men understand us just as much as we understand them. This is not because women are particularly difficult to understand. Or because men are ridiculously complicated. It is because human beings — all of us — are complex. From babies to grandmas, none of us can be “figured out,” but there are some basic truths. Writer Tad Safran learned some things about the opposite sex from his two-year-old niece. I think they can also be applied to men. I could be wrong. 1) Ignore them. I hate “playing games,” but Amelia says people are like dogs: They like to earn the attention they get.

2) Bribe them. One of my friends plans to propose to her boyfriend by buying him a Wii.

3) Compliment them. Guys care about looking good just as much as girls do. If you tell a guy you like the shirt he’s wearing, it just might become his favorite.

4) Listen to them. Unless you’re ignoring them. See? This is where things get complicated. Do you ignore them, or do you listen to them?

5) Apologize. Don’t apologize if you didn’t do anything, as that is annoying. But if you’re wrong, say so. No one likes someone who thinks they’re always right.

6) Let them do it. Especially if “doing it” means fixing your toilet.

7) Don’t tell them what to do. Hello, no one likes to be told what to do, except maybe in bed.

8) Don’t complain to them. If you have a serious problem, of course you should be able to talk about it, but don’t go on and on and on about how you messed up your manicure typing up a report at work.

9) Don’t argue. Well, argue if you disagree, but don’t argue for the sake of arguing, unless that turns you on or something.

10) Don’t make them cry. That would be bad.

This exercise has proven to me that rules are stupid, but you should read why Tad thinks this is how men should treat women this way on [The Times, U.K.]