StyleHiving: Take It From These Guy Celebs

To dress to impress on a date, one must first possess a firm understanding of what guys find sexiest on their ladies. And there is no better way to acquire such knowledge than to hear it straight from the fellas themselves. So far, you’ve seen my take, opinions from ‘regular guys,’ and tips I acquired on the matter from Tyson Beckford and some of his underlings on the Bravo series Make Me A Supermodel. For this week’s post, I’ve decided to take it up a notch and went through all of my celebrity interviews to see if there was anything I could work with.Oddly, the three guys who I solicited opinions from were all embroiled in a bit of sexual-orientation controversy recently. Yup, I’m talking about dynamic trio Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, and JC Chasez/ First there were rumors that Chace and JC were secret lovers which resulted in the Gossip Girl star allegedly dumping Carrie Underwood (via text no less) to pursue this torrid affair. Then the focus shifted onto his male roommate/ co-star Ed Westwick — two men in their early twenties living together? What a scandal! Now everyone seems to be strait again with a new crop of rumors circulating alleging that Chace has been getting quite cozy with new cast-mate Michelle Trachtenberg. [Note: I’ve met all three and did not get the gay vibe off of any of them.] Okay enough gossip, lets see what they had to say about what they think makes a girl look sexy.

1. Chace Crawford’s take: “I like a girl that knows how to dress herself- if it fits her and it fits her style, you know what I mean? I love girls who know how to wear a good pair of jeans and just keep it simple- a cool jacket, this and that. I mean it’s also always nice to see girls dressed up.”

Our Take: Try a pair of form fitting skinny jeans, a sexy but not too sexy top, and a thin cardigan or blazer to strike that balance between done-up but not over done, which Chace seems to love so much. For a ‘good pair of jeans’ look no further than Rock & Republic- they have the perfect amount of stretch which allows them to mold PERFECTLY to your body. Whatever you chose, make sure you feel COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT- I can never stress this one enough!

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2. Ed Westwick’s take: “I’m into the whole Indie rock and roll thing — like if a girl holds her own and does her own thing. I’m not into the overly loud, like trying to take everyone’s eye in the club. I’m more into a subtle dynamic, someone who knows what they’re doing, you know?”

Our take: The ‘indie-rock’ look which Ed described is one of my favorites and manages to be so cool and sexy at the same time.The one thing to keep in mind when trying out this look is to stay true to your own personal style by adding a bit of YOU to the mix. If you’re into high-fashion, pair a vintage-tee with a designer purse, if you can’t get enough of the boho-chic look, deck yourself out in chunky bangles and other fun accessories, if you love to dress up, pair ultra sexy heels with your laidback Indie-cool look, and so on.

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3. JC Chasez’s take: “I like it when girls look like GIRLS. I like dresses and girls that are well put together. I think a lot of people have been getting lazy. I mean if a girl is wearing jeans, I want to see high boots!”

Our Take: A dress is probably the easiest date-night option and can be dressed up or down to suit your date-night destination. To create ‘well put together’ vibe, keep it simple and classic. A body-con dress with platforms or wedges is always a safe bet. If you really wanna summon your inner girly girl (a look that many guys, like JC, absolutely adore), look no further than dresses bedecked with pretty bows or anything ruffled — both styles are super hot right now and strike the perfect balance between sweet and sexy.

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