The Daily Squeeze: Meeting Guys In Bars, Brazil’s Fertility Rate, And Arroused Men

  • Nineteen percent of women in a survey of 1,034 people over 21 said they met the last guy they dated in a bar. Nearly one in four women said they’d be embarrassed to tell their families they’re dating a guy they met in a bar. “He bought me a shot of tequila” isn’t their idea of a fairy-tale beginning? [PRNewswire]
  • Brazil’s fertility rate has dropped over the past four decades, and a new study suggest that popular soap operas, which portray small families, are to blame. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • Erections are not a good indicator of arousal in men. In focus groups conducted by the Kinsey Institute, most men responded that they can experience erections without feeling aroused. The focus groups also found that sexually experienced women were considered threatening by younger men, but attractive to older men. [ScienceDaily]