Oh Mimi! Mariah Carey On American Idol

So, as we mentioned yesterday, Mariah Carey was the guest artist on this week’s American Idol and by and large, the contestants didn’t butcher her songs. Everyone we expected to be safe, was, and that annoying little horseback rider Kristy Lee Cook was sent packing. But the most exciting moment of the night was when Mariah performed! Loving her new album, E=MC2, which came out yesterday. Mimi is also on the cover of the new Us Weekly discussing how she lost 20lbs and is down to the same size she was in 1991. That kind of upsets us, as Mariah was too skinny back then and we all know she was in a miserable marriage with Tommy Matolla. Don’t get too thin, girl, you need to have enough to weight to push out those high notes.