He Wants To Know: How Do You Ask A Girl Out On Public Transportation?

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Question: How should a guy ask a girl out who he sees on public transportation? It’s the dating equivalent of the elevator pitch: I’ve got a very limited amount of time and no prior connection to this person to make her agree with what I’m pitching. That being, a date with me. So, do I go short and straight to the point: “Hi, I’m Jake. I think you’re cute, and I’d like to take you out sometime”? — Jake, New York, NY The Frisky’s Answer: We would look for a natural “in”. Is she listening to music? Reading a book? Ask her about it. I was just telling Catherine that I would think it was really cute if a guy tapped me on the arm and asked me what I was listening to on my iPod or inquired about my book. Shows you have an interest in reading and music, which is always attractive. But let’s face it, you’re not going to get anywhere unless she has that same instant attraction to you. That said, that attraction could go kaput if you use a crappy pick-up line or undress her with your eyes.