What A Dame!

The founder of The Body Shop, an international chain of bath & beauty products, Dame Anita Roddick, has sadly passed, but she also passed on an estimated 100 million dollars to charity. That’s a whole lotta bars of soap! Dame Roddick was suddenly struck with a brain hemorrhage last September, a complication of the Hepatitis C she contracted from a blood transfusion at age 64. But by then, she had given away all of her hard earned fortune to environmental charities, Third World debt, and human rights organizations. The successful English businesswoman died penniless and left nothing to her family who upheld their mother’s generous final wishes. “They’ve already given us everything in terms of love and support,” said Sam, her youngest daughter, who runs a body shop of her own — sex boutique Coco de Mer. So Dame Roddick, the woman who spent decades grooming men and women, will now, even in her legacy, be sprucing up the world. [Daily Mail]