The Daily Squeeze: George Clooney, Vitamins, And Wembley Stadium

  • George Clooney doesn’t want to have kids. “If I need to surround myself with children and feel like I have this big extended family, I can always call Brad and Angie and ask them to stay with me, just to remind me why I’m so happy without,” George told Heat magazine. He’s not planning on inviting the Jolie-Pitt clan to his Lake Cuomo house this summer because they take up too much space. [AHN]
  • Vitamins might not be all that. A review of 67 studies found no convincing evidence that antioxidant supplements cut the risk of dying (How can anything cut the risk of dying, really? You can prolong your life, but you can’t escape death indefinitely.) [BBC]
  • Wembley Stadium is the place most Britains would like to have sex, according to a survey by a British magazine. Second in line? Stonehenge. [AHN]