He Says/She Says: Usher’s “Love In This Club”

Usher is a five-time Grammy-winner, a partial owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and a master of catchy songs and slick — maybe too slick — dance moves. My friend Geoff and I watch the video for his new song “Love In This Club” and try to figure out what’s going on. Videos can be so confusing.

Catherine: Let me guess, he’s in a club.
Geoff: It looks like the one strip club I’ve ever been to. I suppose most of them look the same, though.C: Did you go to a high-class strip club? This one looks fancy.
G: No, decidedly low class. You could tell which girls had had kids.
C: Honestly, I don’t think this is a strip club. I think it’s a regular club.
G: Eh…there are some stripper poles.
C: I guess I missed those. Usher looks disinterested in girls.
G: That’s apparently the way it works, from what I’ve heard.
C: I think the concept for this video is, whenever Usher’s in a club, there’s a party, and when he leaves, the place is dead.
G: The dance they’re doing is a little like the one in “Thriller.” Classic.
C: He totally wants it to become a dance craze. The boob wiggle.
G: This is a sweet jam. I’m probably going to download it, learn the dance, and strike out with five to eight girls at the club. Should be awesome.
C: It’s my new favorite song. I love the line, “It’s going down on aisle three, I’ll bag you like some groceries.” I might have to use that. But I think I like the song better when I don’t have to watch Usher. He’s too into himself.
G: Yeah, he gets a little self-important. I liked it back when he was just a kid with a guitar in “You Make Me Wanna.” Good times.
C: I don’t remember him playing the guitar.
G: I mean, I don’t think he played it. He just carried it around and then danced around a girl with his sweet hat. A hat is a really great dancing accessory.
C: What about sunglasses, like in this video?
G: Sunglasses in the club? That’s played out.