Bad Date Hall Of Fame: The Guy Wearing No Underpants

Bad dates suck. But let’s face it, after a certain length of time, they can be pretty funny in retrospect. In honor of the grand tradition of laughing uproariously at disastrous dates, we’re taking submissions for The Bad Date Hall Of Fame. Send yours to – and if we publish yours, we’ll send you a pair of Frisky underpants. After the jump, a bad date bums a ride, but forgets to cover up his bum. Sushi Payer from Kansas City, MO writes:
After a dry spell of dateless nights I decided to try my hand at online dating, but being the busy girl that I am, I didn’t really think it was worth it to pay $30 a month for So, I decided to try the free route and lemme just tell you, that saying “You get what you pay for”, is totally true. I found out from a friend that Craigslist had dating ads for free to look at. I got online and start cruising through ads, and, while most were relatively creepy, I found one that made me laugh. The guy seemed like a guy I could definitely have coffee with. After a couple of emails back and forth and some friendly IM chats, we decided to meet up. My first clue that this would be a date disaster? I had to pick him up! I pulled up in front of his house and casually waited, looking myself over in the rear view mirror, when I noticed a guy in a cowboy hat and a dirty shirt, with holes ripped through the front, walking up to my car. I was hoping that this wasn’t my date but sadly enough, he looked through the window and smiled. Instead of being rude, I decided to go through with it in the hopes that my first impression of the guy was wrong. He got in my car and we begin chit-chatting about the weather and so on, as we headed off to a sushi restaurant. The entire ride to the sushi restaurant was silent. He didn’t talk to me, let alone look at me. When we arrived at the sushi place, he got out of the car and bent over to tie his shoes — and when his pants came sliding down, I realized he had no underwear on. I nearly lost my breakfast. I sat there and hoped by some miracle of God, someone would save me from this already disastrous date. We walked into the restaurant and ordered and the entire time he said nothing to me — we sat in silence. I tried bringing up several conversation starters but all of them seemed to go up in smoke. I just gave up, finished my sushi, and sat there as the check was brought. Suddenly he spoke up for the first time in nearly an hour and said, “Hey you’re gonna pay right?” I nearly reached over the table and choked him. I reached for my wallet and paid the bill, but when I got up, I said, “I paid and I suggest you find your own way home.” I left and got into my car and drove away. Needless to say me he never called me again and thank God for that. I doubt I’ll be on Craigslist anytime soon.