Romance On TV: The Hills’ Spencer Tugs At Our Heart Strings

Something weird happened last night. I found myself feeling sorry for Spencer as I watched The Hills. Heidi was out on a totally contrived girls night out (GNO!), when Spence showed up by himself at the club and proceeded to get himself a drink and chat with people — including women. Heidi freaked out about him taking shots with these chicks and then went off on him flirting and acting like he wanted to see other people. Spencer maintained he did nothing wrong. And I kind of sort of agree. Ack! First of all, Heidi basically broke up with Spencer, because last I checked, when you make your boyfriend move out of the apartment you share together (which he found, by the way), you’re kind of breaking up with him. So while it was super annoying of Spencer to show up at the club where he knew Heidi’s big GNO was taking place, chit-chatting with people, even women, is not cheating. Shoot, I go out and chat with dudes all the time when my feef isn’t around, and I know he’s doing the same, and you know what? I don’t care. Because it’s just talking. Also, we live together and I didn’t kick his butt to the curb like some people. Anyway, this whole thing made me think about how friggin’ juvenile and possessive people can act in relationships. Heidi told Spencer that if a guy walked up to her in a club and tried to talk to her, she would tell him to not talk to her, because she has a boyfriend. Well that’s just rude. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re banned from talking to the opposite sex. It just means you can’t bone them, or give them oral pleasure, or engage in cyber sex either. Also, does anyone think GNO is a dumb idea? It seems like the only women who make a big deal out of having a GNO are women who are in co-dependent relationships and need to prove that they’re not by taking one tiny little night away from their boyfriend or spouse. Lame. []