Divorce Is Not An Option

It’s wonderful that gay couples can get married in Massachusetts, but if they break up and want to get divorced, they’re kind of screwed. In Rhode Island, the top court ruled that gay people who get married in Massachusetts can’t get divorced in Road Island because lawmakers there only define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. They can go back to Massachusetts and get divorced, but they have to live there for a year first to establish residency. In Missouri, a conservative lawmaker is urging a judge not to grant an annulment to a lesbian couple who were married in Massachusetts. How completely messed up is that? If you’re gay and live in Denmark, however, you have the opportunity (I don’t think it’s mandatory) to be buried in a special section of a cemetery in Copenhagen. It costs $526 if you’re in an urn, no word on how much a burial plot for a coffin would cost. [AP and AHN]