Crave: Downward Dog Anywhere, Anytime!

I’m a sporadic yoga doer. When I do tend to go is on the weekends, after I’ve lazily slept, digested an omelet, and read Page Six magazine. But sometimes I want to go on the fly, like after work, or when I happen to be near my yoga studio (i.e. I’m shopping at Forever 21 and the studio is around the corner). But I usually can’t go spur of the moment because I don’t have my mat on me and I despise paying $2 bucks to rent one. But the yoga paws will stop me from having lame, pathetic excuses for not working out and getting touch with my inner goddess! They are basically gloves for your hands and feet that have mat-like padding on them, so you can do yoga without a mat without slipping and sliding around. Honestly, I may toss my mat permanently after I buy these, because it was getting stinky anyhow. Namaste! [Yoga Paws, $34.95: Spoon Sisters via I Heart Luxe]