Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Don’t Suck

The Frisky has teamed up with Thrillist, the daily men’s lifestyle and city guide, to bring you a weekly list of things for the guys in your life. Here’s “Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Don’t Suck”.

Tunes: WeSC Headphones
These Swedish ‘phones range from neon earbuds, to the retro “Street”, to DJ-issue pro jobs with leather cushions, all at such a reasonable price point, they’ll make you say “Ohm my Lord!” []

Services: The Awesome Highlighter
Pop in any URL, then highlight whatever text you want, and Awesome’ll spit out a link that presents that page in bright mark-up — so when you email your friends articles/web pages, they’ll skip the window dressing and go right to the yellowed section titled “Segal: The Ponytail Years”. []

Gear: Canterbury of New Zealand
The premier rugby shirt maker since the beginning of time (1904) has expanded their “off-field” offerings to include a range of checked and striped buttondowns, cargo/board shorts, pants, merino sweaters, and track jackets, all made to withstand the equally demanding casual shenanigans of men who rip each other’s ears off for a living. []

Mom Talk: Postcards from Yo Momma
Browse this collection of emails and IMs from peoples’ actual birth-givers, and revel in the many embarrassing archetypes of motherhood: the foul-mouth (WTF? it?s 61 degrees there??), the pillar of support (Please remember to not be drunk at the altar), even the free-association worrier (First Terri Schiavo, then Frank Purdue. They say it happens in threes-will the Pope be next??) [PostCardsFromYoMomma]

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