The Daily Squeeze: Carla Bruni’s Increasing Value, Video Games, And A Sick Hamster

  • A nude photo of French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy from 1993 sold at Christie’s auction house yesterday for $91,000 — more than 20 times its expected price. And Carla has improved her sales rank significantly since we first reported on her relationship with Nicolas. Back in December, her album No Promises was 12,718, while today it’s 5,035. [Reuters and]
  • According to a poll on What They Play, people find video games’ sexual content to be more offensive than violence. []

  • A woman is suing Petsmart following her husband’s death after a liver transplant. She says that the donor liver he received had been contaminated by a sick hamster sold by the pet store, and two other people who received organs from this donor died and one became seriously ill, according to the suit filed. [Reuters]