The Daily Squeeze: Raids, Awkward Moments, And The End

  • Apparently some wives in the Philippines were sick of their husbands spending time in Quezon City’s sex dens, so they tipped off the police. So far, 15 establishments have been raided and more than 200 sex workers have been rescued. [Philippine Daily Inquirer]
  • Office works around Peterborough, England, are unsure as to whether they should kiss or shake hands when they greet clients and colleagues of the opposite sex. A poll showed that 19 percent had clashed faces with a client or coworker when aiming to kiss opposite cheeks, and six percent had accidentally groped a colleague or client when one had gone in for a kiss and the other a handshake. Awkward. []
  • Think you might be in the wrong relationship? Check out this list. [Radar]