Hey, What’s It Like Being A Lingerie Designer?

Would you take your clothes off for Kathryn Hull? The budding twenty-something designer of Deshabille Lingerie sits down with The Frisky to discuss who’s wearing her panties, creative freedom, and whether romance is alive and kicking.

Why underthings?
Honestly, I designed clothes for various companies for years and I found that I personally loved to wear black and grey colors with simple and classic silhouettes without a lot of trims and crap. But, when I designed I gravitated towards lace, pink silks, and uber feminine fabrics and color palette. I had this internal struggle and so I began to think…what can I do with this? How and where can one wear this?
How did you begin designing lingerie?
I quit my Job designing for a high-end clothing line to start designing lingerie… shortly after I had a total nervous breakdown due to my rash decision…was I on crack? Why would I leave a perfectly good job (with a pay check) to start my own company (of which I knew nothing about)…That’s how it began. Lets just say I eased into it.

What’s a day in the life of a lingerie designer? Is it all sexy, all the time?
Umm…No! I Wake up, eat breakfast, go to Yoga, grab a quad latte (I need it!) and start work around 9:00… I.e. Fabric sourcing, web design, design screen prints, design next line, fittings, and a lot of crunching numbers. Making sure everything is continually in motion from the pattern makers, to the sewers, to production, to fabric and trim vendors. I make 10 lists a day and usually lose 5 of them.

What are your inspirations? Who are your inspirations?
My line is all about femininity with an edge, or an element of surprise. My fabrics and colors inspire many of my designs. My mom is a huge inspiration to me. Inspiration is everywhere lurking behind all the nooks and crannies of the world so I have to stay in
the moment to catch ‘em all!

Person you would most love to see in your lacy creations is…
How about everyone? Is that an answer? But seriously, I would love to see young women, grandmothers, thin and voluptuous women…all sporting my gear…how wonderful would it be if we could all feel sexy enough at every age and shape to treat ourselves to beautiful undergarments to celebrate our bodies! On a side note, I would also love to see Britney flashing the Pap with my duds!

Person you would most love to see taking off your lacy creations…
The burlesque dancers at Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce! They make taking off lingerie an art form!

Do you have a mantra/tag line/the number one thing every woman should know about underwear or about being sexy?
I have a general philosophy and feeling about my lingerie and that is that it’s meant to be sexy but wearable…it is not just date wear, but everyday wear too. It is meant to be edgy but fun, seductive but sweet. The point of it is when you put it on, you don’t feel like you are in a costume…you feel sexy but in your own skin. Men are funny; they appreciate sexiness, but don’t remember the details. They remember you looked “hot” but they
don’t remember the color or style of the bra or underwear. They remember you. The lingerie is for the woman to feel sexy and exude that whether it’s on a date or off to the grocery store…lingerie is for her!

What, to you is sexy?
For a woman: Confidence, sense of humor, originality, brilliance, balance, courage, a loud laugh, kindness, determination, clear skin, healthy body… blond streaks! The same thing goes for men minus the blond streaks.

Boxers or briefs?
Boxers for me, briefs for him.

Thong or granny panties?
Thong 99% of the time…we all have our off days!

The most wonderful thing about your job is…
I have 100% of creative freedom

The most difficult thing about your job is…
I have 100% of creative freedom…

Do you observe Valentine’s Day?
Ummm, yes. I am, after all, a girl with a pulse.

Is romance dead? Are you single handedly reviving it?
When romance is dead there is no reason to live! It’s what makes the world go round. If my lingerie can spark a little romance or at least play a small part, that’s fabulous! But my lingerie is really lingerie for the girl. Men take note: If a woman is confident and happy, everyone’s life is a whole lot better! And so I design with the woman in mind.

What is the question you are asked the most in your profession?
By guys, 90% will say, “Do you need me to model anything?” The other 10% say, “Can I help out on a photo shoot?” By girls, “Do you make anything in my size?” And my answer to the women is always: Absolutely!