Writer Sells Out His Black Sheep Sis

When we read the April issue of Marie Claire, we seriously bugged out over the story, “My Sister The Porn Star” by Robert Radin. First of all, it was depressing and creepy, two words we’re not used to associating with a fashion-happy lady mag. Second of all, it kind of pissed us off that the writer of the story seemed to be weirdly voyeuristic and, dare we say it, pervy about discovering that his sister was an adult film star. While the article went into the details of Radin’s sister’s tragic life, it didn’t give any insight into whether, you know, he gave a crap if she was dead or alive. Her story seemed like a quick and easy way for him to make a quick buck. Thankfully, we’re not alone in this sentiment. Nerve sums it up very nicely.