Shopping Better Than Sex

On my way home, during my lunch hour, when my mom comes to visit, post any of my numerous break ups, pre-any hot dates, if I have an upcoming party, if it rains, if the weather is fine, no matter what…I always want to do one thing: SHOP! I have a couple credit cards and a habit- luckily it’s still legal or I’d be writing this from jail. (At one point, a vintage store kept a rack on the side for me…oh those were the days.) While I thought my penchant for garments made me stylish, it actually seems like it could be my single gal substitute for sex. According to a new study conducted by a retailer in Britain, 78% of the 2,000 people they surveyed found shopping more gratifying than sex. Me? I know I’m as good in bed as I am for the economy…. [UK Mirror]