Crave: Doo-Dads For Your Brassiere

I have this dress that I love that I can only wear a nude bra with because it’s made of a light, thin jersey fabric. But I can’t really wear this dress because the top of my nude bra always peeks through. Very irritating. Luckily, I’m not the only woman who’s had this problem, because two separate companies have come up with “bra accessories” which address the issue of bra over-exposure. According to

“The Figs Bra, which can be worn as a regular bra, comes with a detachable stretch lace overlay that covers up the patch of skin that low-cut clothes leave bare. The Winkee, which very much resembles a thong, is a triangular piece of fabric that you stick on to your own bra with Winkeedots, single-use sticky circles that hold the Winkee in place.”

I prefer The Figs Bra. It’s prettier. I hate thongs, anywhere. []