The Nookie Know-It-All: Your Sexual Tool Kit

My husband came into the relationship with some fun sex toys, but after awhile, I decided it was a little weird to play with toys someone else had used. Any advice on how to build a sex toy starter kit I can call my own? — Using Used Goods, Los Angeles, CA

After awhile??? So you’re saying you actually used something that was INSIDE another woman? Sorry for the caps and itals, but I have a hard enough time using the same bar of soap with my roommate, let alone using a toy that was in another girl’s vag. Considering our hygienic difference, you might not be into the same sex toys I’d be into (anal beads covered with Saran Wrap). But, on the off chance you’re not super freaky, I’ve got some good pointers for you. “My Little Sex Kit” should include (but not be limited to — and FYI, these links are NSFW!):

  • Fur handcuffs: Good for when you or your man want to get in the backseat and let the other take the wheel.
  • Vibrating C*ck Ring: My roommate says they are a “must” because they keep her boyfriend rock hard for a long time. I like my sex under five minutes, so I’ll pass on these.
  • Lube: This is also for when you want to “get in” the backseat (aka anal sex) or when you want to pretend your boyfriend is a Slip n’ Slide.
  • And of course, the most important ingredient….a “massager” (a vibrator). You can get one that looks like it’s insurance-approved or something a little fancier. This is a good one to have when your nieces find your sex stash and ask, “What’s this, Auntie?” So for God’s sake, stop using vintage sex toys and run out and get your own. Your vagina will thank you!

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    A Note On Playing It Safe: The Frisky thinks safe sex is smart sex – so please practice it in the way that’s right for your relationship.