Live-Blogging The NKOTB Appearance On The Today Show

The New Kids appeared on The Today Show today to announce their big comeback. Dunno about you, but we’re excited.
8:32 Whoa, Danny still has a whole lotta face. He looks a little manorexic too. Joey didn’t actually age so well either. Jordan looks good though.
8:33 Honestly, Donnie looks kind of sexy.
8:34 Their first performance is going to be on The Today Show…but on May 16th. Boo. Thought it was today.
8:35 I think that Jonathan is still an agoraphobe….or whatever. He has that disorder where he’s scared of crowds and lots of people, which is ironic.
8:36 Honestly, I would be going just as crazy as that crowd if I was in NY. I hope the New Kids aren’t stupid and stick to performing their old hits instead of trying to have a rebirth with new material.
8:38 HATE Joey’s suit.