Does Tyra Want The Top Models To Act Like Street Walkers?

Over the course of its many seasons, America’s Next Top Model (a new episode airs tonight) had tread into some fairly risque and/or controversial territory, though not in the way that Tyra Banks intends. Though she thinks the shoe has gotten “edgier” and more “fierce”, a number of women’s sites and organizations have cried fowl over some of Tyra’s creative choices when it comes to the photo shoots — a couple seasons ago, the models were photographed as highly sexy looking corpses, which many said glamorized sexual assault. Now a blog called “Menstrual Poetry” (stay with me ladies!) says that the current season’s opening montage features the women looking like less like models and more like, um, whores. “Her entire attitude in the first 15 seconds exudes sex–not modelesque, look at me kind of sexy, but look at me and give me a dollar bill sexy. When the America’s Next Top Model hopefuls are pictured, we are given a series of somewhat disturbing images including a few in particular of Kimberly, Dominique and Marvita, who look like prostitutes waiting in a dark alleyway.”

Now I always DVR Top Model and I never watch the opening credits (hello, fast forward!), so this was my first time. I’m not sure I agree entirely that the models come off as sex worker-types, but I do think that the writer has a point about Tyra takin’ the steam up a notch. Every season, Ty goes on and on about the models being sexy, but not “hoochie” or Maxim model-esque, but honestly, this opener does ooze with come hither pussy cat-ness. I think I am going to continue to fast-forward through it. What do you guys think? [Menstrual Poetry]