Bad Date Hall Of Fame: The Penny-Pinching Male Feminist

Bad dates suck. But let’s face it, after a certain length of time, they can be pretty funny in retrospect. In honor of the grand tradition of laughing uproariously at disastrous dates, we’re taking submissions for The Bad Date Hall Of Fame. Send yours to [email protected] – and if we publish yours, we’ll send you a pair of Frisky underpants. After the jump, a bad date uses the “feminist” card in order to get out of paying for dinner. “Going Dutch” from Dallas, TX writes:
I had a blind date on Sunday night with a man I was pretty excited about meeting. He’s in his early thirties, originally from France, Tri-lingual (excuse me!), a college professor working on his PHD, loves to salsa dance, blah, blah, need I say more? We met for dinner, the first thing he said to me when I go to sit across the table from him is “oh, you wore your hair straight.” He sounded pretty disappointed, not a good way to start things off.

At first, he seemed pretty serious, I tried to be my usual charming self to get him to loosen up but it really wasn’t working. He said he was exhausted from his weekend camping trip with his daughter (oops, did I leave that part out?). After dinner, he ordered coffee and I ordered ice cream. I excused myself to the ladies’ room and when I returned the man had eaten ALL of my ice cream, he was practically licking the bowl!

I guess the caffeine finally kicked in because he wouldn’t stop talking. I now know everything about the man except his shoe size. Don’t get me wrong, he had an interesting life story but not once did he bother to ask me anything. Oh wait, I lied, he asked me at what age I lost my virginity…WTF? Then there was the awkward check moment. We realized we were the last two in the restaurant and the waiter was doing impatient dance around our table. We both just stared at the check. Finally I realized this man was not going to budge so I said “should we just split it?” Now, we had spent some time at dinner talking about how he considered himself a feminist and how he really admired his mother and sister for being strong, independent woman so perhaps this had something to do with his theory of splitting the check. Maybe he’s just cheap, maybe he was just testing me to see what I would do. I don’t really know, I’m just pissed he ate my ice cream.

Now the question is will I see this man again? Well, he wants me to cook him dinner. Here’s where I get confused, do strong, independent women cook dinner for men who call themselves feminist?…Jury is still out!