Romance On TV: A Bachelorette Gets The Meeps

What a great episode of The Bach last night. So many of my favorite props! A spray tan machine, a bubble bath in a jacuzzi, bizarre hiccup-like noises…really, what more could you ask for? I’m just going to go through the highlights, because I realized the reason why we watch this show is not because we’re particularly invested in who gets the final rose, but more in the entertainment value the bachelorettes bring to the table for as long as they’re around. My favorite part of the episode was when Amanda, one of The Bach’s faves, got a case of “the meeps”, a high-pitched hiccup-esque sound that eeks out of her whenever she’s nervous or stressed. What I didn’t get is how the other bachelorettes managed to keep a straight face. I wonder during what other awkward moments she gets the meeps…at the gyno? When she gets pulled over for speeding? During a high-stakes poker game? The meeps are totally Amanda’s tell.So, one of the greatest “characters” from this season is Shayne, daughter of Lorenzo Lamas. She is extremely blond and vaguely endearing — she gave me a good laugh last night when, prior to her solo date with The Bach, she was lamenting about how desperately she needed to tan. Lucky for her, one of the other ladies had brought her own portable spray tanning machine with her. Shayne, knowing her butt was on the line, made sure she was coated with a heavy dusting of orange mist. The British Bach loves a lady with a tan, and she got a rose — even after to admitting she was high-maintenance.

Anyway, all the women I suspected would stay, did stay, so that wasn’t very exciting. I’m looking forward to next week, when all the women gang up on Robin, because no season of The Bachelor would be complete without a little Mean Girls drama. [ABC: The Bachelor]