More Bed-Buying Tips

If you’re in the market for a new bed and weren’t drawn to this one, you might want to consider buying a soft bed, rather than a firm one. For people with low back pain, sleeping on a hard mattress may actually make the pain worse, according to a new report published in Spine. Sleeping on a softer bed allows the body to stay in a neutral position, reducing stress on the spine. It can also increase your total sleep time. (Actually, I already knew this because Jamelle, a manager at Sleepy’s, told me this last month when I bought my new bed. He must have the inside scoop on all things bed-related.) Unfortunately, some of us might not get any respite from a softer bed if we suffer from insomnia, and more women than men do. A new study conducted in Brooklyn found that among women, those of Eastern European ancestry had the highest rate of insomnia symptoms. They also reported more physical ailments than other women in the study, though. [“Softer Beds May Help Low Back Pain”: Newswise and “Study Suggests Ethnicity May Affect Sleep Patterns In Women”: Newswise]