Crave: Spring Nails

Winter is officially over, meaning you might want to abandon that super dark nail polish, unless it’s your signature look or you’re Ashlee Simpson. We’ve really been liking Rihanna’s fluorescent nails at the Grammys and in her ad for H&M. (I’m totally copying her by wearing neon pink right now.) When we were looking around for new nail polish colors, we came upon Essie’s spring line and realized that each of the six colors has a name that relates to dating. The best color by far is Looking For Love (left), a lovely lavender. Part of the reason fluorescent nails seem so appealing right now is probably because spring means pastel to a lot of people, and pastels can be pretty freakin’ boring. The rest of Essie’s spring line, after the jump…

Top Row: Body Language, aka beige; Great Expectations, aka white (could be nice)
Middle Row: Hard To Get, aka pale pink; Hi Maintenance, aka paler pink (I don’t get the name. Can someone explain why it’s spelled “Hi” instead of “High”?)
Bottom Row: Secret Affair, aka a mixture of beige and pale pink [Essie]